The Legal Funding Group of Georgia

The Legal Funding Group of Georgia

Unfortunately, there are no details on funding terms that are not available for Legal Funding Group. They offer a minimum of $1,000 in legal funding per case, but the amount you can repay depends on the specifics of your case. This can make it harder to plan for the future without knowing how much you`ll have to pay back with your bill. April 19, 2022 – The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that the indictment against The Legal Funding Group of Georgia, LLC, a presettlement finance company based in Savannah, Georgia, and its director and founder, Benjamin S. Eichholz, for selling unregistered securities to investors who were not eligible to participate in the offering has been settled. Contact High Rise Financial to obtain legal financing for your settlement today. If you`re waiting for a deal, you`re probably already pre-approved with us and can get your application approved in less than a day. Comparing available financing options can help you find the best legal financing option for your needs. For example, here`s how Silver Dollar Financial compares to Legal Funding Group: If you decide to get legal pre-financing from Legal Funding Group, you owe nothing if you lose your case.

That`s because the IRS classifies legal funding as non-recourse debt, meaning you`re not required to repay it from your personal finances. Applicants can apply for seed funding on both companies` websites and receive cash within 24 hours of approval. In addition, Silver Dollar promises to transfer up to $100,000 to your account with no guarantee other than your statement. A reputable legal finance company like ours maintains a simple interest rate. However, it is fair to say that the cost of pre-financing by our company depends on the value of your billing. After reviewing your case, we can determine how much the initial billing will cost.,,, We serve customers nationally and can provide you with the Resources you need. to fight for the maximum value of your billing. If you lose your case, you will not have to reimburse us through our non-recourse funding structure. The Legal Funding Group was founded in Savannah, Georgia as The Legal Funding Group of Georgia, LLC. They claim to have provided cash advances to 1,000 complainants. They claim on their website that they charge 36% every 6 months.

Legal Funding Group focuses on personal injury loans, workers` compensation and real estate liability. In addition to legal funding by plaintiffs, The Legal Funding Group promotes law firms. If you need legal financing, these drawbacks can easily become barriers to getting the full value of the legal financing available to you. Find out what to look for in Legal Funding Group to see if you need to work with another provider. The Legal Funding Group, based in Savannah, Georgia, offers pre-settlement funding to claimants with multiple types of cases. Law firms also use group financing to supplement their firm`s working capital. The group is also focusing on the timeline and budget required to close the case. After reviewing your application, you can get a customized financing method that is different from other lawyers or law firms looking for the same services. We reviewed the online web reviews for Legal Funding Group and compiled our data here.

It can be difficult for clients to navigate, but we hope you have the information you need to make an informed decision about your source of legal funding. On the positive side, lack of adequate resources does not necessarily lead to poor company services. Given the group`s policies, they seem to be doing some things right. Neither legal finance company will conduct a rigorous credit check when reviewing your loan application. Only the details of your case are required for approval. Unlike other companies, Legal Funding Group offers a variety of financing options for your case. A cash advance is available for those who want to receive a payment for their settlement now, while upfront funding is available for those who only want to receive a portion of it. They also offer lawyer financing tailored to the needs of law firms. According to its website, Legal Funding Group has helped thousands of clients cover their legal fees and other day-to-day expenses over the years. Their comparison serves as a guarantee for financing. And if there is no agreement, then the funding you received belongs to you.

They have also provided funding to urgently funded law firms to grow their businesses and operate more efficiently. They say their funding allows lawyers to continue expanding their client base while waiting to be paid. Lawyers can also benefit from the Legal Funding Group`s funds. The main objective of this grant is to help lawyers finance their litigation safely. For a lawyer or law firm to qualify for these funds, the group focuses on its ability to win business and generate revenue. For example, the company offers non-recourse financing. This means that if you lose a case, you do not have to repay the advance paid. Plus, the loan application process is free and your business doesn`t consider your credit score or has a minimum account balance requirement. An agreement can take months or years. And meanwhile, Legal Funding Group could be your partner through it all. It can be difficult to find a reliable legal finance company that has stood the test of time. With Legal Funding Group, you don`t just have to worry about fighting for justice.

The Legal Funding Group covers a variety of bodily injuries. If you`ve been injured and are waiting for a settlement, it`s likely you`ll qualify for legal funding here. Here are some of the cases covered: We offer simple interest rates to our clients, which prevents them from simply paying a significant portion of their severance package in interest, as is customary with other legal finance companies.

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