The Four Winds Definition

The Four Winds Definition

One day Jesus was on a boat, and there was an opposite wind (Matthew 14). This specific wind is different from the four winds: it is the wind of destruction. Jesus, knowing this, spoke to the wind, and he recoiled. The Word says, “He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). When the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you realize that you carry the wind of heaven and all its abilities within you, you are no longer a beggar. You are not begging for change, you are speaking the Oracle of God with authority because heaven is your home in your life. It is commendable, sir, I had trouble understanding the four winds, I am now very blessed May God bless you much more As your book on biblical meteorology shows, there are 2 poles of truth that are evident in the Bible – one that is concrete while the other is abstract – one that is physical while the other is spiritual. Could the angels allow the 4 winds right now, all the increase in disasters in floods, droughts, fires, tornadoes and more that we are experiencing today? Other Bible prophecies point to an end period of the period of transgression against the government of the Creator, which is about to usher in the new heavens and earth spoken of in Isaiah 66 and Revelation 21-22 and the second and third coming of Christ. You mention in your book: “Famine is one of many things and one of many events that will signal the end times, as Jesus himself warned: nations will rise up against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms.

There will be famines and earthquakes in different places. In the book of Revelation, we read again of death due to famine. But fortunately, we don`t live in the Old Testament or at the end of time, so we shouldn`t be deterred by famine or anything terrible. Page 60 A glance at weather maps from today`s meteorologists shows that the Earth`s atmosphere consists of areas of high and low pressure in different regions at all times. Winds blow in and around an area of high pressure or anti-cyclone, and they accidentally dissipate everything in their path. On the other hand, over an area of low pressure or a cyclone, intense winds from all directions would blow around and within, accumulating instead of scattering. Big! I am in the Exodus and I have seen the activity of the east and west winds. I became curious about how the four winds work in the Bible. I googled and saw your message. Could you please tell me more about the spiritual implications of these winds and their application in our time? Thanks to No Clear Genealogy is known for the Winds, except they were considered siblings.

[3] They are associated with Anu in some texts, such as his creations or messengers. [3] The power of the four winds of the Bible is enormous, both figuratively and practically. It can stir the great sea, it can uproot and disperse mighty kingdoms (Daniel 7:2; 8:8; 11:4; Zechariah 2:6). The combined power of the four winds of heaven was to be used against the nation of Elam to scatter people in all directions (Jeremiah 49:36). Engaging in spiritual warfare means not only proclaiming God`s promises about your life, but also a deep knowledge and application of the Word, knowing that you can speak to the wind and that it will obey you. God commanded Ezekiel to speak to the winds, and as commanded, he prophesied to the four winds, and the dead came back to life. God uses the natural physical winds and heavens to teach us about the world of heavenly spirits. This metaphor of the Spirit is used more than any other in the Bible. The prophets of the Old Testament saw these and other storms as revelations and manifestations of His glory.

The physical sky (with its clouds and winds) is a shadow of the true realities that show us: “The heavens proclaim his glory” (Psalm 19). Franz Wiggermann states that pazuzu may have been specifically derived from the male west wind due to iconographic connections (a common squatting posture). [3] There are also theories that Pazuzu, who has four wings, represents his control over all wind demons. [2] In a myth, Pazuzu recounts the ascent of a mountain, where he encounters other winds and breaks their wings. [2] Ezekiel understood and participated in a profound level of war. He understood that some dimensions of prayer and intercession go far beyond prayer with the spirit, but rather beyond prayer with the abilities of heaven. A dimension in which you no longer just say what comes to mind, but align yourself with heaven and proclaim what heaven decrees.

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