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I`m tired of writing factual, proven facts and doing nothing. Blogs, campaigns, demonstrations, letters, MPs, lawyers and all that. In the end, these social workers gain inexplicable powers, they continue to be negligent where necessary, and the whole system is corrupt and neglectful at best. Even decent social workers will say so. Whistleblowers are punished, parents grieve and suffer great trauma, mental health improves, and children are murdered and abused on a much larger scale than by birth parents. Somehow, I see the point of taking the law into my own hands. This land died in the water. He has NO principles, cares about those who fought for him, has NO heart, and is led by those who are ignorant and money-driven. Sad, but true. No wonder people demand some power in every country in the world that suffers from the same thing. To the rich and powerful who ignore the warnings, I can only say. YOU WILL LOSE.

You will no longer have anyone to take care of you or protect you. As for the social workers who come out on these blogs. F-K you, your days will be numbered. You certainly don`t have soldiers in your families because all your money is a fraudulent and cowardly excuse for people. Sabine is not angry, she is very naïve, she just rushes to believe what she is told without question, which earned her and someone else a £5,000 fine as MKF. It has become an industry, SS & Boards receive big bonuses to increase the number of adoptions. Wake up and smell the ppl coffee, b4 it`s too late! Ban secret courts and ban forced adoptions! I am very sorry to hear that. I`m afraid I can`t give advice on this site, but your best course of action would be to talk to a lawyer — Google “lawyers + kids + your city” or a friend McKenzie if you can`t get legal help or if you`re disappointed with lawyers — the same type of Google search. “This action of the lawyer reminds me a bit of the old adage `people in the glass house should not throw stones`. I do not know the lawyer personally and I cannot comment on his character. All I can do is observe their practice and comment on it if necessary. Given her qualifications and experience, I would have expected that presenting an argument in support of her case would have been nothing more than an ordinary task for her.

Given their reluctance to take on this task and their willingness to entrust it to others, as well as their recent criticism of the practice and expertise of the assigned social worker, I cannot help but think that by demonstrating their inability to take on basic tasks related to their own practice, They are unable to: comment on the competence or ability of other professionals to do theirs. Dear Suesspiciousminds, in the DAM article (I think I like you) you write: “I think there is at least one argument on this aspect. I saw a Parker J. case where it was postulated that this language also applies to interim care orders, which I think goes too far. “Do you know the name of the Parker J case you`re referring to? My boyfriend doesn`t have a job and has suffered terribly since this happened. She lives in our house – hates the idea of coming home without her daughter. We have funded their legal fees, but we can no longer afford it. This would normally be the time when, with the benefit of legal thinking and advice, the Guardian issues a statement saying: “Sorry, that seemed appropriate at the time, but I now see that I wrote an email in haste and perhaps in a bad mood, and I regret it, let`s all walk past it and sing kum-bye-ar together” or words like that. This is a very bad situation when you are trying to protect your child and you have the full weight of social services against you. Any parent who reports abuse, especially sexual abuse, becomes the target of social services and considers that parent to be at higher risk than an abuser.

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