FOSSIL Watch CH2972

FOSSIL Watch CH2972

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Product code: CH2972

FOSSIL Watch CH2972

Brand: FOSSIL Watch
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Product Code: CH2972
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FOSSIL Watch CH2972

Del Rey Chronograph Black Leather Watch. Shift into gear with our ’60s auto sport-inspired Del Rey. Embodying both the active and relaxed spirit of American design, we’ve crafted this well-timed chronograph with precise functionality and handsome steel case inspired by a vintage car speedometer.

• 100m Water Resistant
• Movement: Quartz Chronograph movement
• Band Width: 22mm
• Case Size: 43mm
• Case Thickness: 13mm
• Strap Material: High-quality leather well-known for its softness and ability to look good over time


Watches. We rely on them to get us where we need to be on time, and with proper care, they’ll do just that for season after season. It’s an uncomplicated relationship. But is function all that you expect in a watch? Not a chance. And is that all that our watch designers have in mind when they create your next go-to accessory? Certainly not. Your wrist watch just might be the most defining accessory you could choose. Whether your tastes run the gamut of designer to expensive watches—even sports multifunction watches—we know that what you put on your wrist takes thought and maybe even a little time (pun intended) to settle on. It’s because you know that at a glance, your watch says something about you. And for the curious among us, it gives just enough insight into who you are.


Our Fossil watch collections for men and women are inspired by a relentless commitment to timeless design, yet their modern functionality showcases undeniable Swiss craftsmanship that might impress you. With colorful dials, deconstructed leathers, shiny multi-color metals and fascinating case bodies to suit both the traditional and the tech savvy, you’ll be sure to find the watch that fits your personal style among our vast collection. And we’re pretty sure you’ll find several watches to perfectly fit your lifestyle, but we’ll leave it up to you. If you’re looking for a gift, maybe specifically Valentines Day gifts, anniversary gifts or graduation gifts, show your special someone that you’ve been paying attention. We have the styles, looks and designs both men and women will love—and love you for. So take a look around. There’s no limit to curiosity around here!


We know that there are tons of watches out there to choose from. But we also know that there’s something that sets a Fossil watch apart from the rest: our tried-and-true commitment to all things classic, and all things vintage. Because our watchmaking history is built on tradition and an appreciation for generations of design that came before us, Fossil watches bring a little more to the table than your average timepiece. With unconventional casebody shapes and sizes, bold colors and whimsical patterns on watch dials made from materials like stainless steel paired with straps made from luxurious leather or durable silicone, Fossil watches are crafted with the wearer in mind. Once you slip on your next Fossil watch, you’ll see exactly what we mean.


An essential piece of accessory, watches will never be out of style and will remain a part of fashion culture for a long time to come. Even with the technology advancement and the so-called emergence of the e-watches, nothing will truly replace the classic wristwatches. A good watch showcases our personal style subtlety while proving to be functional in offering us a measured glimpse of a dimension that is difficult to understand. The invincible and brilliant Fossil watch from the exclusive collection will not only amp up your elegant style but prove to be useful in more ways than one. Fossil limited warranty covers defects in watch movement or functionality up to 2 years from date of purchase.

Return Policy: Goods inspected before shipment. Payment not refundable once shipped out. We do not offer return or exchange.

You can feel completely assured that you will be getting an authentic product.


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