New York State Legal Forms Free

New York State Legal Forms Free

Section 17-A may make a person a guardian even if the person reaches the age of 18. You can use the free and simple DIY program for guardianship application in Article 17-A to fill out the forms you need to start the 17-A guardianship procedure. Most of the links below will take you to a free, simple and confidential program that will ask you questions and put your answers in the form they should take. Find the NY legal form you need by field of activity. Download the PDF of our current catalogue of legal forms OWNERS & TENANTS (see also – SUMMARY PROCEDURES – National forms) DHCR forms for stabilized and controlled housing Forms by Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman Revised residential leases with simplified language Commercial leases Various forms related to rental agreements RENTAL AGREEMENTS (see LANDLORDS AND TENANTS) loan advances (see – LINK) PRIVILEGE (see also – Lis pendens) LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC and LLP) LIVING WILL (see-WILL) LOANS (SEE—CONTRACT—MORTGAGE STATEMENT) If you need help with immigration matters, visit, an online tool that helps immigrants to the United States understand their legal options. This simple and free program will ask you questions and prepare documents for an application to maintain or terminate a residential licensee in order to start a licensee continuation case in court. You will also receive instructions on what to do next. This simple, free program will ask you questions and create court records to start a case, sue your landlord for home repairs, and stop harassment. You will receive a step-by-step guide that will tell you what to do. This free and confidential online program can help you create a response to the subpoena and complaint you have received. Your answer will tell the court your defense (or reasons) why the mortgage lender is not allowed to win the case. This letter indicates that you do not agree with the VA rating decision on your application and wish to appeal the decision to the Veterans Appeal Board.

Click here to access the Court`s free and simple interactive computer program for completing an adult name change application. If the deceased did not have much property, you can ask the court to have his property divided among people who have a legal right of succession. Limitation of liability Our forms have important legal consequences and must be created and executed under the supervision of a lawyer. It is the lawyer`s ultimate responsibility to determine their legal sufficiency for the intended use, with or without modification. No liability will be accepted for any loss or damage, however caused or used by anyone who has been used.

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