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Melton, Espy & Williams, P.C., is a full-service law firm that provides transactional and litigation services to individuals and businesses. Our attorneys represent businesses, individuals, government officials, and entities throughout Alabama. It is important to remember that these working conditions are not only tragic, they are illegal. Federal and state laws prohibit harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and a variety of other toxic behaviors by employers. As an employee, you have a legal right to a safe and fair working environment. If you are one of the many Texas workers affected by unfair employer practices, you may be able to claim financial compensation. The employment lawyers at The Melton Law Firm in Austin can help you get the justice you deserve and the financial compensation you need by holding your employer accountable for their illegal conduct. Employees who have been harmed in the workplace sue their employer for a variety of reasons. Some are motivated by a need for justice. If your boss or manager has tolerated discrimination in the workplace, not only are they making your work unbearable, but they have allowed a human rights violation. The courts can stop this type of behaviour and ensure that you get justice and that other workers are protected in the future. Other injured employees are seeking compensation to cover their financial problems.

If your boss wrongly withholds your salary or denies you your legal benefits, you could be forced into debt. You may have to default on your mortgage or miss a large bill payment. Obtaining financial compensation through legislation can help you manage the costs that often accompany employment issues. The commitment to quality representation and a thorough understanding of the law make Melton, Espy & Williams, P.C. a smart choice for individuals and businesses who need distinctive legal representation and personal representation. Contact us today and see how we can help. If you suspect that you have been abused or abused by your employer, you should consult a lawyer immediately. Typically, you only have 180 days to file a discrimination complaint, so the sooner you talk to an employment lawyer, the better. An employment lawyer can help you analyze the details of your case for signs of employer wrongdoing. Employers have a heavy responsibility to protect their employees from harassment, discrimination and unfair treatment. If they do not comply with these obligations, they can be held legally liable.

At The Melton Law Firm, our skilled employment lawyers are proud to represent Texas workers. Call us today at (512) 330-0017 to find out exactly how we can help you protect your rights and secure your future. We know that your work is important to you and that a hostile or uneven work environment can unnecessarily burden your life. If you lost your job due to unfair or illegal practices by your employer, you may be able to take steps to hold them accountable. An experienced employment lawyer in Austin like John Melton can help you investigate the details of your claim, build a strong case, and support you every step of the way until your case is resolved. Find out why others have entrusted their Austin cases to John Melton, and why you should do the same. For more than 40 years, Jerry W. Melton`s law firm has represented Dallas residents on many of the legal issues they face.

From criminal defense against misdemeanours and crimes, to helping families with divorce or custody, to assisting in civil litigation, our office is trusted to provide holistic legal advice, no matter the challenge. When faced with a legal problem, you want quality representation. Our law firm has the knowledge and resources to present you with all your options and guide you through the legal process. To schedule a free consultation, email us or call our office at 972-980-8000. We will evaluate your case and answer any questions you may have about Texas law or our services. These figures suggest that far too many managers and contractors are shirking their legal obligation to create safe and respectful work environments. If you have experienced unfair treatment, workplace harassment or a workplace hazard, you may be entitled to a variety of protections and benefits, including financial compensation. Our corporate and commercial lawyers have particular expertise and experience in providing legal and business advisory services to small, medium and large businesses in a wide range of commercial, commercial and litigation matters. Our defence and assault lawyers are familiar with litigation and claims resolution. At The Melton Law Firm, our dedicated legal team has the experience to deal with these common workplace issues and more.

We have the skills and knowledge to handle cases that include: In this situation, could your employer be held legally responsible for your reassignment even if you yourself have not been discriminated against? Based on laws that protect employees from retaliation, yes. An experienced employment lawyer would be able to investigate your transfer and argue that you were wrongly punished for filing a discrimination complaint and reporting illegal violations. We are a group of exceptionally talented and qualified lawyers and offer our clients personal and individual support in dealing with and resolving their specific legal issues. We listen to our clients so that we can identify their objectives and fully understand and identify the important legal issues inherent in their case. The secret to overcoming any legal challenge is no secret at all: hard work. When you look at what you have accomplished in life, most of them are the result of hard work. It makes sense that you choose a lawyer who is willing to work hard to protect you, your family and your interests in a divorce or other family law matter. People employed in Texas tend to assume that they can be fired, demoted, or otherwise punished for any reason because they work in a “state of employment.” Unlimited employment essentially means that your employer is free to change the terms of your employment at any time for any reason, unless it is limited by an employment contract. Imagine a boss who decides to fire someone without warning and for no apparent reason. This is technically legal according to the regulations of the occupation.

Federal and state laws on employee rights and employer obligations can be difficult to navigate. If you`re a Texas resident and you`ve been abused by your employer, you`ll need a tough lawyer who is familiar with labor law. That`s why our firm offers the services of John F. Melton, a highly qualified attorney who has been practicing in Texas as a Board Certified in labor and employment law since 2008. Melton`s various awards and honors are a testament to a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 2011, he has been named a Super Lawyer every year and is a member of the Texas Bar Foundation. The extensive experience of our legal team has given us the skills and knowledge to handle the most complex and nuanced cases. We pride ourselves on remaining communicative and transparent throughout the legal process so that you always know the status of your case. We respond promptly, share copies of all documents, review your statement, and clarify the timeline for each step of your case so you always know what`s going on.

When it comes to these and other employment law issues, it is often important to hire a qualified lawyer to achieve the desired and necessary result. Whether you`ve been injured as a result of another party`s misconduct or have been subjected to unfair or unlawful treatment in your workplace, we`re here to help. Contact Melton Law Firm today at (512) 330-0017 to discuss your case.

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